Group Projects

Our OBSERVATIONS group projects give us an opportunity to share our view of each other's work. The curator choosees a theme and then selects images from the others' image libraries. It is always fun to see how others see our photography. The curator also has the sequencing responsibility which, as we all know, can be as important as the images themselves.

Like Water

OBSERVE welcomes you to our very first group edit. Enjoy the voyage as it reflects our elusive, blissed out, fleeting reality. Just like water. - Marcelo Argolo

Haves & Have-nots

One of the biggest social problems in our global world is the rising gap between the "haves" and the "have-nots." We see it everywhere around us on a daily basis if we choose to look.Apart from clichés of homeless people begging for money, the friction (or one-way obliviousness) between rich and poor can be a catalyst for street photography that has a social documentation aspect — Michael May


I have always had a fascination with hands. They are what has enabled mankind to build a civilization with cities, machines and art. They can be strong or graceful and communicate as much as the spoken word. Filled with emotion, hands speak their own language. — Greg Allikas