Greg Allikas

Greg Allikas


I began taking photographs in high school with a rangefinder camera I borrowed from my uncle. That was in 1964. After high school I worked at a graphics studio in Manhattan while studying advertising design at Pratt Institute. Those early years roaming NYC were the start of my street photography passion. From 1970-2000 was a commercial advertising photograper, both as a studio partner and freelance. I am best known for my orchid photography and have published several books and been published internationally.

I enjoy all kinds of photography but street photography is at the top of my list. Some photographers get a rush from capturing a beautiful sunset or rare wildlife. For me the moment of capturing a perfect expression or juxtaposition of people against their surroundings can’t be beat. I like the quirkiness of our world and being able to record it as a sort of visual anthropologist…seeking that unique moment as only I see it, preserved for eternity.



Here in the US, family pets live large.


People can have a spiritual experience anywhere, or so it seems.