Larry Cohen

I shoot energy. I believe in love. People interest me. Street Photography allows me a tool for which to live expansively. It brings me deeper into the arts community of Baltimore and an international community of street shooters online.

I read people pretty well. At about 40, I turned years of sensitivity into a strength. My first camera was my girlfriend's old one. It took me years to figure out how it worked because I'm not that smart. I live off the things that come easy to me like reading non-verbal cues, recognizing energy sources, anticipating movement, understanding group dynamics & a natural inclination to appreciate people. I'm a firm believer in bringing everything from your past to the table when shooting. Those things are your superpowers. We all have them. For me, street photography is where life and art meet. I truly feel like I've just begun.



Here in the US, family pets live large.


People can have a spiritual experience anywhere, or so it seems.